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This here shop of ours is simply a collection of all the wonderful things made by wonderfully talented people for the little wonders in our lives.

We are a family. We live and work and play in Brooklyn, New York. We tend to our little ones; we clothe them and feed them, and try to teach them well. We are a family much like yours: not rich, not particularly fabulous, not particularly picture perfect - just an average urban family.

As parents of 5, we value high quality, contemporary – yet with a touch of nostalgia, products for our own kids.

Scouring the globe for kids' items to meet our personal style and standards, we were inspired to create Petite Marvels.

Petite Marvels offers a hand-picked selection of independent brands and artisan items from around the world, bringing you kids' fashion, toys and decor that will delight and inspire.